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Help bring Scouts to the US for schooling.

Made it!

For decades, Afghan girls and boys came to the US for high school and college.

ASRF has developed a program whereby we can continue those historic efforts. We are able to safely move and chaperone students from Afghanistan, through Pakistan while they await their F-1 (student visa) interview at the US Embassy (staying with families in Pakistan). To be frank, not all prospective students will succeed in securing F-1 visas to the US, but some will. Help us move them, house and feed them and pay the US fees to give them a shot at an F-1 visa. You can donate here to that cause. Thank you.

Afghan Students

These are just a few of the dozens of students we're hoping to get to the US for schooling. We will deploy 100% of your donation to where it is needed most at that moment (for example, F-1 interview fees at the US embassy, airfare costs, food and lodging in Islamabad, visa and travel costs from Kabul, etc...). Thank you.

Click on the download button under each student to read their story. 





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