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Of the 10,000+ Scouts and hundreds of Scout leaders, many, if not most, are facing extreme privation as the economy collapses.  Limited to no food nor heat is becoming the norm across the country. 

No, we can’t save Afghanistan nor the thousands of Scouts and leaders who are in dire need. But we can save as many as we’re all willing to stand up for and help.  If the shoe was on the other foot, would you hope that Scouts from elsewhere would provide life-saving help?  You bet, so let’s do it.

Afghanistan is starving…

We can feed a family of six for a month for only $200.  We have teams of Afghan Scouts organized to distribute food. We can provide a month’s worth of wood, often their only heat source, for only $40 (people are being forced into saving their money for food, if they have any to save, and often have no heat).  Help us get food and heat into the homes of Scout families in dire need right now. Thank you.

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