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She joined Scouting as Cub Scout while she was in first grade. She has continued her Scouting journey until she become the patrol leader at her troop. Scouting has taught her to be a responsible citizen taking an active part in serving the community. Besides that, she has always participated in volunteer work, like volunteer performance during marathons. She really enjoy helping people and making positive changes in society.

She worked as a journalist in Radio PAYWAND from Jan/01/2019 to August 20/2020.

She is also an athlete(runner, cyclist, and ice skater) she had her own running team for girls, Called Running For Peace.

 Nilofar taught life skills which she has learned in Scouting to the Girls through Sport for girls aged 13 to 16 for six months in Bamyan high school.

She won first place in the Ice Skate challenge organized by the Free to Run organization and funded by the US embassy. And also achieved first place in a sports activity festival (Afghan Undoukail).

She studied English up to B2 and computer fun

damentals, and at the same time participated in young leaders’ trainings.

 Now she has been accepted by the Sana Fe Waldorf School and we’d like to move her to the US to continue her school. Please join us in supporting her to achieve her dreams.

Nilofar, is a sixteen years old girl, and a high school student from Bamyan province. She started her school in Bamyan central governmental school 11 years before.


Read her story below.

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