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On Oct 22, 2001, in a very far away village of Kandahar, the province of Afghanistan, a boy was born. His family named him Niaz. He lived in the countryside, where none of the residents had been educated. 

His parents were both illiterate. His mother used to stay in and do the housework and the father would go out to find work as labor here and there. A few years went by when his father was imprisoned because of some chaos in the country. At that time, he, the youngest son of the family, was only four. His father had to be behind bars for ten years, first in Kandahar Jail, next in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. 

Then, he was sent from Kandahar to Kabul Jail. That was very difficult for all of the family, especially a woman with four little children, nowhere to go, nothing to eat and no one to ask for help. She was in Kandahar. However, her husband was in Kabul Jail, where it takes 9 hours to get to. Although she had no idea what to do, she went to Kandahar Shelter and then was sent with her kids to Kabul Marastoon/Shelter, which was for those families who did not have father. That was hard for all of them; in fact, they could not speak Persian. And the biggest challenge was for the mother to raise four children and do the job of both father and mother. It was not easy for a woman in those days when only money, power and men were everything. Despite that, she did her best to bring up her children in an excellent manner.


During that time, the younger son, who was the only person in his mother’s and father’s family, was enrolled in a school there. That was when he started to dream bigger and knew great things about life. He has written this since he is the youngest son of his mother and has seen many difficulties that will not be simple to write. After he started school, so did his brother and sisters. That was an unforgettable time he experienced. He could get education and help other people who could not read. They made many friends and found an organization named Afghan Scout. That was entirely a different area. All the coaches were friendly. He was there for (10) years. Being a member of Scout, he learned many things; thinking widely about the world and people and getting many experiences by participating in a variety of activities and taking part in Pakistan Jamboree in 2014. Niaz Mohammad was learning new things every day and his mom did her best for them to get educated. She used to work in and out. That is why he calls her the hero of his life. She is both his mom and dad.


Ten years went by when his father was released from jail. That was both happiness and sadness. Happiness for their father, but sadness when the principles of Kabul Marastoon/Shelter saw their father and told, “now you should leave here since you have your father with you.” Again, after many years, problems opened doors. It was hard to leave; they had a school there, went to Scout there and had a lot of friends. On the other hand, his father did not know anywhere to go. In spite of that all, they had to leave and find a new place for living. Not knowing where to go, they left Kabul Shelter. It was a winter morning when the snow just started to fall down. They looked for a house the whole day with all their belongings until they found an old room at 9 p.m. the father had no job and the mother would wash people’s clothes and their son used to work in a shop to get some money to pay the rent and expenses. They spent two months there when the owner of that place came and told to the mother, “You should leave here your husband is a drug-addicted.” Those days they have never heard what the drug is. After many struggles, they found another house. And then, after some time the owner came and told the same as the former did. They went to the third house and that was the time when they realize what drug is and that their father is addicted.


After four months he lost his father for using too much of drugs. He had never been a lot with his children. He was with them just for four months. That time, Niaz Mohammad, the younger son, left the shop he was working in and joined Scout again. He was only (15). This time, he took part in a community service program of Scout which was to help people who are drug users. He never wants other boys or girl loses their loved ones because of it. He helped 200 of them to leave using it. He is still trying to find somewhere to work and help those people and families who are suffering from that problem.


A new chapter of his life began when took many great classes to get enough skills and experience. Having learned the English language, he became a teacher a year later, took talk and talk classes, finished public speaking classes after six months, learned computer programs, worked in public speaking as an administrative manager, took TOEFL classes and now teaching English online.

He is graduated from school and applied for the university last year. He was accepted but studied just for one month due to the Covid 19, then off for a year. Again, he went to another university and was accepted in the computer field. But this time, they did not have any teachers since the previous government collapsed. Now, he is working on getting new skills such as communication, public speaking, leadership and so on.

He is also glad to help other people as much as possible. He would never stop working and trying to change the world for the better. He was down but proved he was not out. Please help us get him to the US for schooling.


Read his story below.

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