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Nargess is a high school graduate with a 99.25% accumulative grade and was one of the best students at her school. She is originally from Bamiyan, a central province of Afghanistan.

She lost her father when she was just four years old. Her mother is the hero of her life as she raised them with the minimal income that she was obtaining from laboring. She joined Scouting in early 2018, her graceful talents and skills led her troopmates to elect her as the senior patrol leader in Troop #38.

She has lots of other achievements during school including the honor of participating in the Kangaroo International Math Competition in Afghanistan.

She has passed the Kankor exam (National Universities Entrance Exam) and was accepted to the engineering faculty in Herat province of Afghanistan.

Besides studying at school, she started working with her mother while she was in grade 10.

Now she has been accepted to Menlo University and needs to move to the US to start her higher education. She has big dreams for herself and the disadvantaged girls of Afghanistan, so let's help her achieve her dreams.


Read her story below.

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