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Mohammad Jawad Omari is an Afghan Scout Leader who served in various positions with PARSA Afghan Scouts program to revive Scouting in Afghanistan from July 2011 to August 2021.


During his mission "Reviving Scouting in Afghanistan," he, along with a committed team of Afghan Scout Leaders, trained more than 650 Scoutmasters around the country in collaboration with the WOSM, Asia Pacific Regional Support Center, and with the financial support of the US Government through the PARSA Afghan Scouts Program. Besides training Scoutmasters, Jawad has helped establish Scout units in orphanages and communities to educate Afghan youth as responsible and valuable citizens in the community.

Mohammad Jawad Omari started his journey as a Scout in early 2004 while he was a high school student. As a Scout, he attended South Asia Friendship Camps in Nepal and Pakistan in 2005 and 2006. In July of 2011, Throughout his career, he has attended several international Scouting events such as the 30th Asia Pacific Regional Scout Jamboree in Japan, Peace and Friendship Camp in Turkey, Environmental Education in Scouting Workshops in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and diversity and inclusion workshops in the Philippines. Additionally, he has attended several virtual Scout training and events regionally while the world suffered from the pandemic. With Mohammad and his teammate's tireless efforts, they succeeded in accomplishing their biggest ambition and registering the Afghanistan National Scout Organization as the full member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement in January 2020. Before the collapse of the Afghan government, he was serving as the International Commissioner of ANSO. After the recent political evolution in Afghanistan that failed the government and due to the uncertainty of the situation; he found the atmosphere unfavorable for implementing Scouting activities following the Scouting principles and method, so he decided to leave his home with a group of other Scout leaders and buried his ten-years of  efforts and achievements. However, he still hopes that one day he will be able to be with the youth of his country again and be able to serve and  provide them a safe and peaceful environment in which to continue Scouting.

Mohammad Jawad Omari
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