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Kaftitosh is a student in grade 11 at Mashal Bayat high school in Kabul, Afghanistan. Moreover, he was considered to be a talented student in his school, with 89.7 percent in grade 10.

He is living in Kabul, but he is originally from Badakhshan province. His father has died when he was seven years old, so his mother was his supporter in life, providing him with School materials, clothing, and other supplies with a minimum income that she worked very hard to obtain.

He joined scouting in 2013. Having been talented in Scouting activities both physically and mentally, he was selected by his patrol-mate as the patrol leader and after that was elected as the Scribe in his troop. He has achieved several certificates for skills he had from Scouting like the better world program, Scout Conference for SDGs, etc...

He is keen to work hard in Scouting to bring change in the community and be an incentive for others. Next to studying at school, he has been working with his mother since he was nine years old. But with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan, his mother is no longer allowed to work. Let's help him fulfill his dream of studying in the US to further his education and give him the skills to be employed somewhere, anywhere, so he can support his mother.


Read his story below.

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