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Steve, the dad, while Scoutmaster of Troop 98 in Taos, New Mexico, helped the Scouts in his Troop raise funds for some Goal Zero solar flashlights for a new Afghan Scouting movement, back in 2012. His boys Aydin and Koray helped with this as Cubs and Scouts. When Kabul fell Steve checked in with the Afghan Scout leaders and was immediately drawn into assisting them and other Scouts. Perihan, the mom and Scoutmaster herself of Troop 57 in Santa Fe, jumped in and the entire family began to help the refugees, provide funds for food deliveries by Scouts to Scouts in-country, and begin a program to get Scouts over here for schooling, particularly the Girl Scouts who could no longer attend school.

Since then, it’s branched out to other Scout leaders and Scouts around the country. But we still need way more help to make this work! Please help us build this movement, whether or not you’ve ever been associated with Scouting. These kids and young women and men and their families need our help. Reach out to us here. Thanks!

The Gates/Sheard Family
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